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Xtreme Mix

Xtreme Mix is a user-friendly airless spraying unit for multi-component materials. It permits material savings of up to 25% and therefore pays for itself especially quickly!

Why squander paint?

With the new Xtreme Mix Graco mixing unit you will never mix more paint than you really need. The user-friendly, transportable Xtreme Mix mixing unit mixes exactly the amount of paint that you need at the time. You save, thereby, not only paint but also working time. Xtreme Mix is suitable for paints with up to 100% solid content that are hard to spray and can be used easily and comfortably even under the most difficult operating conditions.

Xtreme Mix uses

  • Shipbuilding
  • Corrosion protection uses in shipyards and offshore installations
  • Manufacture and repair of railway vehicles
  • Container manufacture
  • Painting of constructional steel
  • Protective coatings and linings of tanks and pipework
  • Floor coatings
  • Processing plants

Technical data:

range of mixture ratio 0,0 to 10:1
(in graduations of 0,1)
mixture ratio - toleranc region +- 5%
conveyor output
minimum 0,95 l/Min.
maximum 11,4 l/Min.
permissible working pressure
metering basic unit 45:1 310 bar (31,0 MPa)
metering basic unit 56:1 386 bar (38,6 MPa)
metering basic unit 68:1 469 bar (46,9 MPa)
metering basic unit 80:1 500 bar (50,0 MPa)
range of air supply 3,5 - 7,0 bar
(350 -700 kPa)
material filtering 60 mesh
(238 micron standard)
temperature range
operation 0 bis 54°C
storage -1 bis 71°C
noise-pressure-level 98 dBA bei 7 bar (0,7 MPa)
wetted parts
pumps: steel, alloyed steel, 303,440 and 17-4ph steel, stainless steel, zinc- und nickelplatting, cast iron, carbid metal, teflon®, leather
dosering valves: steeel, zinc- und nickelplatting, carbid metall, oplyethylen, leather
distributor: steel, zincplattig, carbid metal, 302 stainless steel
blender: stainless steel
spray gun: alloyed steel
range of viscosity materials 200 -20.000 (with materials with higher viskosity is it possible to use additional heating elemts, heated tubes and correspondig bits and pieces)
maximum air consumption at 7 bar (0,7 MPa)
at max. 40 DH 3,9 m3/Min. per pump
PC RS-232
communication protocol 9600 Baud, 8 Bit, no parity
(length x width x hieght)
113 x 84 x 164 cm
weight (undercarriage, without gun and tube) 283,5 kg
operating instruction
operation 309535
reparation 309518
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